Maiden flight of our new camera drone (with tiny crash)

So we finally gave into the camera drone craze. I have never flown a drone or any kind of remote controlled aircraft, so naturally I expected to crash this thing within the first twenty feet. Well, I am happy to report that I did not crash it in the first three minute flight, well not really. It did fall over as I was landing it, but it was on the ground so I am not counting it.

The drone is a Promark GPS Shadow ($179.99) . I wanted something simple and this had the “Auto Take Off” and “Auto Landing” feature that I figured would help a noobie out. The thing was super simple and pretty much ready to fly out of the box. Charged everything up and found a nice open area to give it a try. I will post an in depth review a little later on the drone itself.

We flew, landed, flew some more, and then tried to land it without the “auto landing”, and I had it perfect until it sat down, then rolled over. But hey, it was my first time! Maybe now I can convince Tracy to buy me one of THESE!!

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