Preschool Graduation and Spring Picture Photo Shoot May 3, 2018

So we wanted to take some spring pictures of Jase to use in some ads and to send out to family. Unfortunately, our school does not do a graduation ceremony for preschool. Fortunately, you can get anything from amazon!

We ordered a black cap and gown. We also found a black and white 2018 tassel for the cap. I think the shoot went amazing, and the EKU campus in spring is the perfect backdrop. I am really happy with the way they turned out, and think I was able to capture his quirky attitude. How did we do?

Jase Grad EKU 1 WMJase Grad School 1 WMJase Grad School 2 WMJase spring 1 WMJase spring 2 WMJase Spring School 1 WM

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