Getting to know our team : Jase Hensley – Commander of Smiles

Name: Jase Hensley

Position: Commander of Smiles

Salary: 1 Happy Meal & 1 ice cream per shoot

Time with Company: 4 years 11 months (Hire Date of 7/1/2013)


Jase is a hard working and dedicated employee. He has become my main assistant, and his input has been invaluable in bringing us to where we are today. He has even taken up the camera over the last year, and may one day become a part time photographer, though currently he prefers photography centered around random objects and peoples legs.

I remember the day I met Jase for the first time vividly. It was like my life changed in an instant, and I knew that we would work together forever. We have bonded so well over the years that I couldn’t imagine not having him in my life.

His position, Commander of Smiles, has kept him quite busy. As the name suggest, when it is time to have your photo taken, he will tell you to smile. While laypersons may not understand the importance of this, to me, and the other photographers, it is a Godsend. Jase also like to help out with equipment (light weight only), and can also be found working as one of my lead public relations personnel.

If you see Jase out and about be sure to say hi, and let him know he is doing a great job!


Jase hard at work on a shoot

My little assistant

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