2018 Battle of Richmond Reenactment

On August 25th and 26th we had the opportunity to photograph the battle of Richmond reenactment, which is held annually in Battlefield Memorial Park in Richmond, Ky.

The Battle of Richmond was fought on August 29 & 30, 1862, and was part of the Confederacy’s effort to capture the Commonwealth of Kentucky which was rich in resources and much-needed material, and to force the Union to retreat out of middle Tennessee and other key Confederate states.

It was an amazing experience and is an event I will return to year after year. While at the battlefield on Saturday night I ran into a friend from college who now lives in South Carolina and had traveled with his reenactment group for the battle. We were able to go down into their camp and sit around and talk with the guys about details of this battle, and details about the reenactment hobby in general. It was a fantastic time.

We got to shoot pictures of them as they group up for their “first call” and watched them go through the process of weapons inspections, and then finally march off to battle.

Then we headed up to the main battlefield for the reenactment. It was about 40 minutes of guns firing, cannons blasting, troops marching and fighting, and the horses of the cavalry running from skirmish to skirmish. It was an exciting and humbling experience.

We came out with some great photos and learned a lot in the process. We will be back next year and if you are looking for a fun and exciting weekend, put it on your calendars now.

If you have been to the battle before or was out this weekend let us know in the comments below!

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