Baby Jack’s First-Year Photos

A friend of mine contacted me and wanted us to take some pumpkin patched themed photos for their son’s first birthday. So we set everything up and was lucky enough to have great weather, and the farm we chose was not total chaos at the time, which is a blessing at this time of the year.

We had to deal with some crappy lighting from a hard setting sun, and I think everyone was a little under the weather with all the respiratory stuff that is going on, but we managed to keep the cute little guy focused so we could get some good shots.

When you start in photography, everyone tells you to shoot “on location” first and stay away from the studio so that you have to deal with what you have. This was my first shoot out of our little studio in a while, and I had to stop myself several times from asking Tracy to turn the sun down some. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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