Jurassic Quest – Lexington, Ky – July 7 2018 at the Lexington Convention Center

On Saturday July 7, 2018 we went and spent the day checking out Jurassic Quest. The event was at the Lexington Convention Center and, according to their website, “Jurassic Quest is America’s Largest and most realistic Dinosaur Event”, well how could we miss that?

The website goes on to claim that “Jurassic Quest is the only Dinosaur event that has true to life size dinosaurs. From the very small, to the gigantic, skyscraping dinosaurs that can only be seen at Jurassic Quest events. Jurassic Quest has over 100 true to life size dinosaurs in each of it’s 2 events. In collaboration with leading paleontologists, each one was painstakingly replicated in every detail. Whether their prehistoric counterpart had skin that was scaly, had feathers or fur, Jurassic Quest has spared no expense in bringing this realism to life. In Jurassic Quests Dinosaur World, the dinosaurs roar and move, some even walk around. At a Jurassic Quest event, there’s a sometimes-blurry line between our visitors watching the dinosaurs… And the dinosaurs watching them.” So the question is, did it really hold up to all that?

We arrived and expected huge crowds, but didn’t find it, despite arriving at mid-afternoon on Saturday. With all the claims of how large the event was, and the continued advertising that it had expanded over and over, we expected every inch of the convention center to be filled, and it was not.

We made our way through to the entrance into Heritage Hall, and finally found the event. We fought our way through the lines and security to get in, and then had to walk all the way around the outer hall to the very back corner.

The way they have it set up you everyone walks in the same spot, and you filter along a kind of self guided tour that takes you through all of the dinosaurs. The lights are off, it’s dark, they have fog machines going, and lighting creating certain moods and effects on the different dinosaur sets. It was pretty cool to walk through, but it no way was I super impressed. Neat is where I would leave it.

This took up exactly half of Heritage Hall. Once you get to the middle, the lights were on, and it was set up like a normal convention. There were inflatables for the kids to play on, dinosaur scooters to ride, sand pits with fake fossils for the kids to uncover, and of course a very large retail booth.

The actual attractions were actually fine, and Jase had a great time doing all of them. The issue was the lines to get to do anything, and the amount of time each activity lasted.

There were times when we waited upwards 25 minutes, for him to ride a dinosaur scooter for literally 2 minutes. We spent over 2.5 hours waiting in line to do everything besides the inflatables.

All in all I would say that it was a good time for a child. My biggest gripe was that there was almost nothing there that was incredibly interesting for an adult, and nothing for an adult to do other than buy stuff on the “convention” side. Yet we still had to pay $20 each to get in the door. Jase’s ticket was $34. We bought him the VIP bracelet, but honestly, without the wristband you are just there to walk through the dinosaur display, as you can’t do any of the attractions without it. I feel that a “parent’s pass” should have been available for $10, like most other “kid” conventions do.

The other gripe was that a lot of what they talked about on the website and facebook page wasn’t even there. We didn’t see any baby dinosaurs besides the little ones next to the big ones in the displays. There was no one walking around with baby dinosaurs for the kids to play with. There was also no huge dinosaurs walking around you could touch or pet.

We had a good time with Jase, but spent way to much money for what it was, and spent over 50% of the time we were in the convention center waiting in line. As of now, I don’t think we will be returning next year.

If you went let me know what you thought.

Paddle Adventures – Kayak Rentals at Lake Reba – Richmond, KY

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Ever wanted to try kayaking?

A new company has set up shop in Richmond, KY at Lake Reba Recreational Complex. Paddle Adventures Kayak and SUP rental offers kayaks for rent to take a trip out on Lake Reba for just a quiet trip or some fishing.

From www.kypaddle.com:

At lake Reba we rent both single-seat and tandem sit-on-top “Tribe” kayaks . While our single-seat kayaks are limited to one person, tandem kayaks are designed for two adults and a child (not exceed 60lbs or be more than 10 years old). Small, well behaved pets are welcome on single and tandem kayaks at the discretion of management.

A two hour rental costs $25.00 for a single kayak, or $40.00 for the tandems. They are open weekends and most holidays:

Friday 10am to 6pm Saturday 10am to 6pm Sunday 12pm to 6pm

If you are looking for something to do in or around Richmond check these guys out. A quiet trip out of the lake is a great adventure to have some fun, relax, and beat some stress! A perfect summer activity.

If you mention that you heard about them from us you will get $1 of your boat rental.

Ison Taylor Wedding – May 19, 2018

Full Gallery and Purchase Options

So we finally decided to shoot our first wedding. We met this couple hanging out at the dog park and after talking for a while we decided to photograph their wedding for them, and get our first wedding under out belt. The wedding was held at The Barn at the Meadow in Berea, KY

You hear horror stories from photographers about their first wedding and how bad it can be. Well, they’re right. From a photographers standpoint a wedding is a special circle of hell. You want to get every shot, and every shot is happening at the same time all over the place. Not to mention the number of desired shots is not 5 or 10, its more like 50. The mental checklist runs like a slot machine on a never ending jackpot, and you can just try to get everything, stay somewhat organized, and hope it all gets on the SD cards before nightfall.

I am very happy with the results. I think we managed to hold everything together, and overcome the obstacles well. Don’t let me fool you, we had our issues, like our second camera going down as soon as we arrived at the venue, but we were professional and ironed the wrinkles as we found them.

I feel like we were very lucky, as the couple and their families were some of the nicest and laid back people I have ever met. It was a great event, and I think everyone involved had a great time, which is of course is the point of the day, to celebrate the love and lives of the couple.

Hannah and Ethan thank you for allowing us to be a part of your day, and I hope you enjoy our work; I can promise you we poured our heart and souls into it. Your 50th wedding anniversary shoot is on the house.

Lets talk some stats for the photo nerds!

1175 total exposures for a total of 14.9 gigabytes of data. First cull 575 photos, second cull 310 photos. Total hours spent editing 21.7. Total of 114 edited photos in the final set.

4 videos taken at 8 gigs of data, two final videos processed at 5:02 run time, 2 hours of editing time.

2 documents for digital copy (Guestbook and Wedding Planner)

Total time on site 6:20, total miles driven 30.7

Final package for delivery- 2 videos, 114 edited photos, 2 PDF files (guest book and wedding planner), 1175 unedited photos, 4 unedited videos for a grand total of 26 gigabytes of data.


Birthday Shoot – Cupcakes and Putt-Putt

We shot a birthday party for the wonderful Aeriana Zandra Jade. The party was held at Adventure Falls in the Lake Reba Recreational Complex in Richmond, KY.

The party was friends and family. After some cupcakes and ice cream everyone went and played mini-gold, and had a wonderful time. Here are some of the pictures.


Annual CASA Prevent Child Abuse Event Richmond, KY April 13, 2018

On April 13, 2018 Madison County CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for children) hosted it’s Prevent Child Abuse event on the front lawn of the courthouse in downtown Richmond, KY. The annual event is held to bring attention to child abuse in the local community. As a symbol of those affected, attendees installed 509 blue pinwheels on the lawn, representing the 509 children currently in the Madison county CASA system.

The event included multiple local agencies, including the Boy Scouts of America, Madison County Girl Scouts, Telford YMCA, Hope’s Wings, Early Childhood Council, Apollo Pizza, Pregnancy Help Center, Buffalo Wild Wings, ABC Daycare, EKU’s Social Work Dept., Richmond Fire Dept., Raising Canes, and many others.

Free food and refreshments were served and there were games and activities for kids as well as fire truck tours by the Richmond Fire Dept. Agencies had booths set up and were distributing information about locally available programs. The theme of the event was celebrate the children, and learn to identify, report, and reduce child abuse in our communities. The event was a success with a large turnout and perfect weather.

Easter Eggstravanza 2018 in Richmond, KY (Saturday March 31, 2018)

Richmond’s annual Easter Eggstravaganza was held on Saturday March, 31, 2018 in Richmond, KY at Lake Reba Park. The annual event is put on by Richmond Parks and Rec and includes games, activities, vendors, egg hunts, and the Easter Bunny.

This years event faced serious weather obstacles as the area had rain several days of the week before Saturday. The rain broke however, and it was clear, sunny, and warm. The softball fields where the event is usually held were quite a mess from all the rain, so the event was moved out onto the parking lots surrounding the fields and all went well. There appeared to be a good turnout and kiddos ran all over, going in between the different activities and egg hunts. All in all another successful event by Parks and Rec. Photos below as well as a video of a Richmond Police Department K9 Officer demonstrating his dog to the crowd.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eodWpCh4ZyE&w=560&h=315]

Women Who Choose Their Own Path

The world is made up of many different kinds of people, and everyone is different in their own way. Some people choose to follow a well known, established path through life, conforming to society’s rules and ways, thereby accepting their place in life, which is not a particularly bad thing. There are others however, who choose to forge their own paths, and can’t settle following everyone else’s lead.
Many women in today’s world are unfortunately seen as the weaker of two when compared to their male counterparts. Some women though, seem to break all molds of what is expected. Strong willed, highly independent, motivated, and determined. Though it’s not a secret women face inequality in many parts of life, these women choose to not accept that. They choose to write their own chapters, and to make their marks in their own individual ways. A woman who chooses to forge her own path, and who chooses to break that mold, can be an impressive character.

This year for International Women’s Day I wanted to focus on a woman I feel embraces this concept thoroughly.

Meet Jenny Davis,

Master of Motherhood, Purveyor of Produce
Jenny is a twenty nine year old, married mother with a two and a half year old daughter. Jenny runs a farm by the name of “Sloan Grown Micro Farm” named after her daughter. Jenny is also the president of her local farmer’s market, and is a six year veteran of the Kentucky National Guard. Spend five minutes in the same room with Jenny, and her strong personality and impassioned outlook on life will leave you wanting more. As a journalist, she was an instant first when the thought of this article first came to light. Never a dull moment in conversation and as entertaining as an actress, her interview and photoshoot were a delight. Women like Jenny define the modern age of multitasking, intelligent, and capable women making their mark on todays world. If you ask me, society would do well to allow these women ample oppurtunity to fliurish. Read her full interview below:

What do you call yourself in terms of your profession?
Most of the time I would say Homemaker, but I think I wear a lot of hats. My Instagram says master of motherhood, purveyor of produce. I think I am a teacher, a volunteer, a gardener, and a cook ( a really good cook).

How do you feel that your independence as a woman has affected your family life?
Astronomically. Being able to prove myself in a military setting and in a professional work environment, then be able to step out of those roles and still do something as fulfilling as gardening has opened up my eyes as to how strong I can be and how much control I have over my life. That is something I really want to teach my daughter that you are in control of your path no matter what. Gardening and selling vegetables out of my yard would not have been where I placed myself at 29 years old, but it is a journey that I wouldn’t change for anything and I think it makes it makes strong and it shows my daughter that I’m strong.

How do you feel that International Women’s Day affects women worldwide in helping to display confidence and independence?
I think to label a day in the name of something is important because it is easy to overlook certain things and to overlook sectors of people, but when you call attention to something one specific day it becomes their day. This is the to say “As a woman I can”. When its specifically International Women’s day that is a day where women everywhere with one voice can say “I can.” I think that is really powerful.

Do you think that as a woman you have faced inequality in your life?
I think that for the most part I have been fortunate in being treated equal, but I also think that part of that is a mindset, and part of that is waking up everyday telling yourself that you are equal. At the end of the day the only person validating you is yourself; The only person determining your self worth is you. If you wake up in the morning and you say “This is what I am going to do today and I am going to be good at it because it’s me”, then that is all that matters. I do feel like I’ve had some instances, especially in the military, where I didn’t feel that a situation was “as fair”, and I thought that it was because I was a woman, but I just woke up the next day and proved them wrong, pushed harder. To me, I am equal to everyone else, and that’s all that matters.
As a mother, Do you feel it is important to teach feminism/individuality to your children, or do you foresee a world where it is not going to be an issue in their adult life?
I would hope that in her adult years it is not an issue, but I think that it is a fine line to tread, and that if we go too far in one direction that in 50 years this may be an issue for men. I think that individually for all children we need to raise them to have a self worth and know that they are just as important as everyone else and that your actions are what determines who you are and that is not just a girl issue or a boy issue. It has to be everyone being independent and strong. I’d like to feel that I raise my daughter to be that way.

A lot of people today say that gender inequality is the modern day civil rights movement. Do you feel the issue is at that level? Do you feel there will have to be a large scale movement to bring everyone onto the same page?
I think that it is a huge issue, and I think because people are against certain things based on principles like religion that don’t affect everyone. You can’t use something like religion to judge everyone, and tell them that their thoughts and beliefs are wrong because you have a different set. I would hope that we don’t get to the point where its as bad as the civil rights movement, but at the same time when so many people are coming at an issue from so many different angles that they forget that the people on the other side are human, sometimes it has to come to something like that. We need to fight this on a political level, because you are not hearing me as a person. You are telling me that I am not who I am. I don’t believe that my beliefs allow me to tell someone not to be who they are. I feel my beliefs tell me to love everyone. Everyone on this earth should be treated like a human. If you are an american citizen, you should be treated like all other american citizens.

Do you feel that male and female is outdated terms?
Yes I do. I think that you can be in the middle of it. There are a lot of people, the majority of people, that are always going to identify with it, but there can also be leeway there. I think the conversation needs to be opened up. One of the things I struggle with the most is going up to someone and saying “How do you identify?” “What pronouns do you want me to use?” I just wish that was a comfortable question to ask. I wish it was easier to walk up to someone and say “I want to get to know you, How can I make you comfortable, and here is how you can make me comfortable”, “Can I ask you questions without offending you?”, “Can you tell me about yourself without being offended?”
Quote wall. You quote is going to be up for all to see on IWD, what quote would you want everyone to hear?
“The path less traveled gives me an excuse to carry a machete”
If you take the path that no one else takes, you are 100% in charge of where it goes and who is on the path with you, and what you take on the path. So carry the machete. Wield it.

Fire and Sunset

Saw a great looking sunset and decided to head out to get some shots of it. I noticed dark smoke on the horizon and decided to follow it.

Right as the last bit of light was hanging on, we came to the top of a hill, and the fire was off in the field on the other side of the property. The smoke spread out along the horizon and made a fantastic scene.

Graffiti Bridge


So in the middle of nowhere Madison Co we came across a very interesting bridge. The bridge, known to locals as “Graffiti Bridge” is covered 100% in multiple layers of graffiti. Names, symbols, phrases, etc.

The bridge crosses Silver Creek on Hagan Mill Rd. This tiny country road is a really nice drive, and exploring the bridge is completely worth the trip. Silver Creek itself is gorgeous and we found a large crane hanging out fishing.

It’s readily obvious that it’s not some rowdy gang marking their territory, but kids taking part in a tradition. Names and Greek symbols make it appear that a lot of sorority and fraternity kids from the local colleges make the trip to paint something onto the already well covered bridge.

If your out for a drive around the county this is definitely something neat to check out.